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  • Dec 01, 2013

For those who emailed me asking for the free hosting reviews – here’s your answer. I did a very quick research on free hosting market and had just handpicked five good ones. They might not be the best but all of them have good reputation and I read good words about their services.

Well, without any delay, here goes the list.

1. Dot Easy

DotEasy Free Hosting

DotEasy started in 2000 and they are among the first that comes up with $0 Hosting plan. They are hosting over 160,000 domains at the time of writing.

A point worth noting is that, DotEasy.com is the only free hosting I ever tried and I find them pretty good – do pay extra attention on them if you’re serious about getting something for nothing. ;)

What you get with DotEasy?

Free web hosting with 100MB storage and 1GB bandwidth.

Unlike most other free hosting, DotEasy doesn’t force banner ads on the websites hosted free with them. Also, they allow FTP access, domain forwarding, provide free blog/forum/gallery/web form features, support video/audio streaming.

 Visit DotEasy online.

2. Agility Hoster

AgilityHoster Free Hosting

AgilityHoster’s website seems a bit crappy but their free hosting plan is not bad. The free 5GB bandwidth, 200MB disk storage, and 2 addon domains are kinda good.

 Visit AgilityHoster online.

3. Beacon Hosting

Beacon Free Hosting

Beacon’s free web hosting plan is generous. You’ll get 1,000MB storage, 100,000MB bandwidth, and capacity of 10 addon domains on an add-free free hosting account. With a stable up to date LAMP platform provided, I believe Beacon Hosting is ideal for small business websites.

 Visit Beacon Hosting online.

4. Zymic

FreeHostia Free Hosting

If FreeHostia’s hosting plan is generous, then Zymic’s plan is crazy! They offer 5GB disk storage and 50GB bandwidth to all of their users. Plus, the free hosting plan comes along with various valuable features such like MySQL database and WebStats.

 Visit Zymic online.

5. Mister

Mister Free Hosting

Mister free hosting plan offers 250 MB storage and 5GB bandwidth. Users also get to create unlimited POP3 email accounts, access to CGI Bin, host PHP site, as well as using the Server Side Includes features. Oh ya, did I tell you that Mister’s website is so nicely designed?

 Visit Mister online.

Wrapping things up: Is free web hosting recommended?

Comment on free web hosting

So you wish to know what I think about free hosting… Honestly?

To me, free web hosting does not sound like a good choice. If you are running low on budget, you can always start with a low cost host.

I can name a dozen of disadvantages that come along with these free web hosts – lack of securities, domain ownership problem, server reliability, hosting management ethic issues… there’s so much possibility for a free web host to screw up thus it doesn’t look like a good deal to me even though it’s free.

A free web host, however, benefits beginners who wish to test their skills cost-free and for those with little or no budget (students, for example) at all. Free hosting solutions work perfectly well when it is meant for training or testing purpose. There aren’t much free hosting services around that offer comprehensive hosting features but listed below are some of the better ones I knew.

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