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  • Updated: Jun 05, 2015

It’s common sense for webmasters to upgrade their web application from time to time for security concerns. WordPress, especially, should be updated as frequent as possible as the popular blogging software draws plenty of injection attacks recently.

Outdated WordPress version at Hostmonster Fantastico

Hostmonster, unfortunately, seems are not aware with the importance of staying updated. They disappoint me with their efficiency in getting their software up to date as a check on Fantastico’s WP version shows that they are still using version 2.6.5.

Outdated WP at Hostmonster Fantastico

The bad experience with Hostmonster supports

Worrying that my websites will be targeted by hackers, I shoot HM supports emails (twice!) to ask for an updates a few weeks back.

My first request was turned down as the support staffs told me that they are ‘beta testing’ (wtf!?) the latest WP version before it’s released via Fantastico. Quoting exactly from the email I received:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email. Our admins do extensive testing on the new versions of scripts before they add the auto updates to the servers. They need to make sure the new version is fully compatible with our servers and there are not any major bugs. I can assure you they will add the auto update for that version as soon as possible. You can however at anytime manually update your wordpress.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


Support Team

Most questions can be answered by articles in our knowledgebase!

I was like “What the heck?” I presumed that’s simply bullsh*t by irresponsible staffs. WordPress is an open source an is tested by billions of developers and bloggers daily. I am sure folks at WP will feel offended when they read this. What in hell, is HM testing on an official release by the WordPress development team?

Seeing such, I waited a few days and ask for an updates the second time. This time, the reply made more sense. Instead of telling me that they are beta testing the WordPress, the HM staffs ask me to convert my WordPress installation from Fantastico to SimpleScripts because WordPress at SimpleScripts are updated more often! I was a little reluctant for the switch at first but at the end of the day, I convert my WordPress installation to SimpleScripts (more how-to on this later) and get my WordPress updated to version 2.7.

Why Hostmonster pissed me off?

It seems that the HM folks are giving up on Fantastico and trying to convince their users to migrate their installation from Fantastico to SimpleScripts.

Well, that’s O-K-A-Y to me as I find SimpleScript much better than Fantastico.

What’s bad is that the Hostmonster staffs (Michelle, in particularly) are not taking enough action in solving clients problem. Such irresponsible act certainly spoiled the good image HM posed earlier to me. Speaking of how a bad staff can ruin your company’s brand image… sgghh.

First the over-reacting spam filter, and now Is Hostmonster worth promoting? I seriously can’t be sure for now. For alternatives – I recommend iPage, WebHostingHub, A2Hosting, InMotion Hosting, and perhaps BlueHost (managed by the same management at HostMonster but somehow better).

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