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  • Updated: Jul 15, 2013

Smart webmasters do not work everything out from scratch; instead, we make good use of the free tools available online. There are tons of brilliant web tools available online – it’s a waste not to leverage these tools and save some working time (or, to have more time for beer). In this article, I’m going to share my must-have list of 30 web design tools, I hope you’ll find them useful. On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the developers who had done some much and made our world better.

1. QuickRibbon

QuickRibbon helps generate custom site ribbon. Input your link details and styles selections; and the tool will take care of the necessary Javascript coding. This great tool is best for lazy webmasters who wish to attract users attention to some important update/message.

Make some ribbon today at www.QuickRibbon.com

2. TabsGenerator

Need some cool tabs in seconds? Well, then you need TabsGenerator. TabsGenerator is a convenient design tool that allows users to create highly-customizable tabs (tweak size, colors, corners and borders) in CSS.

Generate some cool tabs now!

3. Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator

Okay, I admit Bullshit Generator is not that useful; but, I am sure we have time for some web 2.0 humor. Let’s “integrate undefined synergies”, anyone? :)

Start bullshiting.


Gender, face features, wearings, skin colors… UNIQUE is a free web tool that allows users to create highly-customizable, human-like, avatars. Mind you, this web tool is kinda addictive – I spent more than 30 minutes playing non-stop with the features while writing this post.

Create your unique avatar at Unique.RasterBoy.com.

5. Stripe Generator 2.0

Stripe Generator 2.0 is a free design tool supported by Pop Minds Web & New Techs Studio (long name huh?). It helps generate (almost) any kinds of stripe you want for web background.

Try generate some stripes now!

6. Web 2.0 Badges

Web 2.0 Badges is a very popular badge generator (mainly because of their beautiful pre-designed badges, I guess). Any webmaster who is too lazy to design their own badges should check them out.

Let’s put on some badges for Web 2.0!

7. FreshGenerator

FreshGenerator is a pretty cool web design tool which helps to create small design elements like boxes or tabbed menus of different sizes, styles and colors.

Visit www.FreshGenerator.com

8. Loader Generator

Equipped with a set of pre-designed loading icons, Loader Generator allows you to customize and generate your own loading ‘spinner’ in a fraction of second.

Visit www.LoadInfo.net

9. FavIcon Generator

DynamicDrive’s FavIcon Generator is perhaps the most popular favicon maker. This tool allows you to create various sizes of favicon (as well as icon) based on the your own image.

Try create your own Favicon now.

10. Button Maker

Button Maker is a free tool provided by Adam Kalsey that creates simple square-shaped site sticker. The sticker designs is pretty fixed; however the tool does allow users to tweak several design parameters (such as text margin, border color and background).

Visit: www.Kalsey.com/tools/buttonmaker.

11. AjaxLoad

Like Loader Generator, AjaxLoad is another free tool that generates cool loading icons. What’s good about AjaxLoad is that the tool comes with a huge set of indicators in different shapes and designs.

Check out AjaxLoad now!

12. RoundedCornr

RoundedCornr is another web design tool that auto-generates CSS codes for a box with rounded corners and a color gradient.

Click here to visit RoundedCornr.com.

13. 3D Pack

3D Package is a great tool for e-book and web templates sellers. It lets you instantly create 3d-box images online for free. Simply upload pictures (JPG, GIF, orPNG) for cover andyou’ll get a 3d-box in your favorite image format.

Check out 3D Pack, click here.

14. LogoCreator

Not good with logo designs? Try LogoCreator for some quick logo design works. This free web tool comes with 7 preset logo designs and allow users to customize various design parameters.

Care for some logos? Visit Creatr.cc.

15. CoolText

CoolText is another logo design tool that transforms texts to graphics. A point worth noting is that CoolText had been running online for a very long time – the free tool is online since year 1998 and it has rendered over 300 million of free images.

Check out this antique and make some ‘CoolText’.

16. FreeFooter

FreeFooter is an easy and fast tool that simplifies how you personalize your web site / blog page footer – definitely a great tool for lazy blog designers. ;)

Visit FreeFooter.com.

17. ThemeRoller

Want some cool jQuery features on your site but not good with programming? Check out ThemeRoller – a free jQuery generator that allows you to create custom themes for jQuery components. Change font properties, colors, borders, hover variations, etc all very easily. It will show you a preview of what your settings would like like when applied to jQuery’s accordion, tabs, slider, date picker, and dialog box.

Find out how ThemeRoller works here.

18. jQuery Function Builder

jQuery Function Builder is a handy tool to quickly build up a collection of jQuery functions. While using this tool might need some basic knowledge in jQuery; it is, nevertheless, a great way to reduce programmers’ work time.

Build jQuery functions on the fly here!

19. TartanMaker

Fancy some Tartan-stripes background? Check out TartanMaker – a free design tool that helps create Tartan designs instantly.

Visit www.TartanMaker.com, click here.

20. ColorWizard – ver 3.0

Lack of good color? Use color wizard to do color-matching for you. The color wizard lets you submit your own base color, and it automatically returns matching colors for the one you selected. It returns a set of hue, saturation and tint/shade variations of your color, as well as suggests color schemets to you, based on your color’s complementary color, split complementary colors, analogous colors and other variations.

Check out ColorWizard.

21. Color Scheme Designer

The Color Scheme Designer is a brilliant color-matching tool for those who are selecting colors for their designs.

Try this design tool at ColorSchemeDesigner.com.

22. Post-It Note Generator

Fans of sticky note? Embbed it into your web design using Post-It Note Generator. Post-It Note Generator helps create eye-catching Post-It Note with customizable text designs, message color, and paper styles.

Make some Post-It note right away!

23. Genfavicon

Genfavicon is another favicon maker that helps generate favorite icon on the fly.

Visit www.GenFavIcon.com/

24. Gradient Texture Maker

Gradient Texture Maker is a free web tool that allows you to generate a graphics with gradient colors. This design tool is highly recommended for those who need to create website background with gradient color.

Check out Gradient Texture Maker.

25. Favicon CC

Favicon CC is not exactly a web generator tool. However, it enables you to draw and create favicon easily online – which I think most of y’all would be interested to look at.

Let’s draw some favicon at Favicon.cc.

26. SimWebSol Logo Generator

SimWebSol Logo Generator is another simple logo generator.

Visit online: www.SimWebSol.com/ImageTool/

27. Textorizer

Textorizer is a nice piece of web application that allows you to create cool graphics using text of your choice. The tool takes jpeg, png, gif, or xpm file less than 128K in length and produces an SVG file which reconstructs the original image using parts of the text scattered around.

Check out Textorizer.WhatFettle.com/

28. Buttonator

I used to spend hours working on Flash and Fireworks for web buttons. Well I wouldn’t do the same if I heard about Buttonator back then. Buttonator is a great button generator that helps create stylish buttons instantly – a great tool for lazy web designers and webmasters.

Make some buttons with Buttonator now.

29. Idee’s Multicolr Search Lab

Searching for the right images on Flickr to match your web design or blogpost? Try Multicolr Search Lab, a free web tool that helps you to sort out Flickr creative common images based on color.

Try out Multicolr Search Lab now!

30. BgPatterns

BgPatterns helps create classy background (see image). There are dozens of cool patterns to choose from and it’s a must see tool for all web designers.

Visit BgPatterns.com.

Well that’s all for the list. If there is a web generator or tool that you think should be listed here, feel free to shout in the comment box.

Article by Jerry Low

Geek dad, SEO data junkie, investor, and founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Jerry has been building Internet assets and making money online since 2004. He loves mindless doodling and trying new food.

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