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  • Dec 09, 2013

Whether you are hobbyist blogger or a professional blogger, chances are you want to make your (WordPress) blog look unique and well-laid out. This is especially true for those who earn money from their blog. It is essential that their blog has a professional feel to attract clients. Besides, no one would pay for an advertisement on a mediocre-looking blog.

It requires rigorous search and diligence to find the right theme for your blog. To avoid all the hassle and save time, most people resort to getting premium themes to make sure that they can get a unique theme for their blog without wasting hours of their time searching. The truth is if you know where to look, you can find free themes that are akin to the premium ones.

To help you start off with the right foot on your search, here are 10 of my favorite sites where you can find the most promising WordPress themes.

1. Templatic

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Templatic claims that by dealing with them, you will get rid of hassles, save time and money, create websites faster using their tried and tested code and design and, get top-notch theme support whenever you need.

Visit Online: http://templatic.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/templatic

2. Best WP Themes

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

The name of the site speaks for itself. Best WordPress Themes claims to be sorting wheat from chaff since 2007. They have both free and premium themes which are further subdivided based on the number of columns (one to three columns) and styles including magazine, photo gallery, specialized, video, portfolio, and business.

Visit Online: http://www.bestwpthemes.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/bestwpthemes

3. WP Styles

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

The objective of WP Styles is to help WordPress users in finding a suitable WordPress theme for their specific purpose. Besides running its own WP theme gallery/collection, WP Styles also review and list the best wp designers out there according to the average theme price, functionality, support and design quality.

To be honest, WP Styles is not the best theme site you can get out there but the site smooth design and navigation make it worth the visit.

Visit Online: http://wpstyles.org/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/wpstyles

4. WP Explorer

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

WPExplorer claims to be the home of the best free and premium WordPress themes. They have a wide variety of theme categories including blogging, business, business card and resume, community, directory, e-commerce, environmental, gaming, magazine, minimal, mobile and app, multipurpose, music, news, photography, portfolio, real estate, religious and church, restaurant, website hosting, and video.

They feature the latest premium themes in their homepage and their currently featured themes include the Platform Pro Drag & Drop WordPress Theme, the Thesis SEO Friendly & Customizable WordPress Theme, and the Vendor Premium WordPress Business Theme among others.

Visit Online: http://www.wpexplorer.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/wpexplorer

5. Woo Themes

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Woo Themes also offers premium and free themes. Just like the previous two sites, they offer a wide variety of themes. Woo Themes does well in variety but falls short in quantity. More themes can be found in the top one and top two sites. Woo Themes made up for it by making a very nice offer. If you cannot choose one theme from their collections, you can have all the themes for only $125. That may not be practical for some— especially because not all the themes you will get are good— but others would surely dive in head first to make the deal.

Visit Online: http://www.woothemes.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/woothemes

6. Natty WP

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Natty WP also offers free and premium themes. They usually have sales and currently they have a huge sale wherein they offer two themes for $25 instead of $45. They require membership but once you become a member you can have access to everything.

Visit Online: http://www.nattywp.com/

7. Top WP Themes

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Top WP Themes offers only free themes. It’s good because they provide good quality themes for free but the downside is their customers are limited to free themes and are not exposed to the wonders of premium themes. Thus, this site is for WordPress fellows who have decided not to spend any dough for themes.

Visit Online: http://topwpthemes.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/twptcom

8. WP Zoom

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

WPZOOM marks the start of all-premium themes sites in this list. They offer impressive professional WordPress Themes which also come with professional support and documentation, advanced themes options panel, and flexible and optimized SEO codes. They offer monthly subscription so you will get all the themes you want as long as you are subscribed.

Visit Online: http://www.wpzoom.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/wpzoom

9. WP Now

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

WPNOW takes pride in their features and services. So, if you buy themes from them you will get support and documentation, theme options panel, well-crafted CSS and XHTML, free themes for every purchase, access to their membership club, and many others.

Visit Online: http://www.wpnow.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/wpnow

10. Smashing Magazine

WordPress Themes Site - Featured By Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Smashing magazine, unlike the aforementioned sites, is not dedicated to making themes. It is a site that gives innovative and useful information to Web developers and designers. True enough, they have delivered one very useful entry when they featured the “100 WordPress Themes 2010”.

Apparently, everyone is looking for a good, free, and unique theme. Smashing Magazine made it to this top list because they made it easier for people to find beautiful, unique and free themes.

Visit Online: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ | Twitter: http://twitter.com/smashingmag

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