Top 10 Most Visited Websites and How You Can Benefit from Them

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  • Updated: Jan 27, 2014

If you could utilize the ten websites with the most traffic on the Internet, how would that benefit your business? In a report compiled by Go Gulf Web Technologies from sources such as Nielson, Pew Internet and, the most visited web properties were identified. According to info contained in the report:

“US Internet user on average spends 32 hours on internet per month. This is double than the time spent by Global Internet user i.e. 16 hours per month.”

If you could harness just a little bit of that time and filter those people to your website, what kind of impact would it have on your business?

Promotional Benefits of Social Media

top 10 web properties
Full infographic here.

Kelly Swee takes a look at social media sites in her article on Forbes titled Top Social Media Sites & How You Can Benefit from Them. Swee says, “People are interdependent and vital networking with others is definitely an asset.”

Building an online following for your business blog will create two important elements that can help your bottom line.

  1. Staying in touch with current customers and getting a feel for what they want and need from your business.
  2. Posting exciting snippets and content that your current customers will share with potential new customers.

Making sure you have a social media presence does double duty to help you maintain current customers with up-to-date service while also helping you reach new customers and grow your business. The key, however, is knowing which websites to become involved in and where spend your precious resources and time.

Using the Top 10 for Promotion


google plus

Google+, like most things google, is quickly taking over some of the social media traffic on the Internet. It really shouldn't be a surprise that Plus pulls in the most traffic of any of the other sites in this list.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Think of Google+ like a more interactive, better organized Twitter.

  • Post quick updates to your Google+ profile about articles posted on your blog.
  • Let those in your + circle know when your business wins an award or to recognize one of your employees.
  • Post about contests on your + profile page.


Facebook Timeline Tools

It's little surprise that Facebook makes this list. According to KissMetrics, Facebook is still the largest ad most active social media network (although Twitter is quickly catching up). They log about 500 million active users on a daily basis.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Create a free page for your business to get your presence on Facebook.
  • Post memes or tips and encourage followers to share your posts. This can bring in valuable traffic to your business page.
  • Use Facebook's paid advertising to target specific groups. Remember to use a specific landing page to help track the effectiveness of the ad and conversion rates.
  • Host a contest or provide a coupon on Facebook.



When you think of Yahoo!, you may first think about e-mail accounts or their search engine. However, there are several ways you can utilize this high traffic site to try to get some mileage for your business.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • All Web Promotion offers some thoughts on using a Yahoo! Storefront for your online presence. The carts is easy, installed for you and gives you the benefit of getting listed on Yahoo! quickly.
  • Connect with some of the writers of the Yahoo! articles you see posted on their various channels. If an article ties into your business expertise, drop the author a note. Let him or her know you enjoyed the piece and that if they need an expert to interview for a future article that you are available.
  • Get involved on Yahoo! Answers. This is a site where people post questions on just about any topic you can imagine and users answer those questions. Be sincere and not self-promoting in your answers and you may gain a few new customers from the experience. At a minimum, you'll see what people are talking about in your area of expertise and know how to better serve them through your products or services.



MSN was once a very popular site that fell out of favor, but seems to be making a resurgence now that Bing is in charge. You've probably seen the Bing ads on TV and even tried the browser. So have millions of other people and you can take advantage of this fact.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Submit your website to the Bing search engine.
  • Make sure Bing's web crawler can find all the important pages on your site by submitting a site map. Fortunately, Bing offers specific instructions for the best way to submit your site map to them.
  • Use some of your advertising budget to place targeted ads that will reach your specific demographic.
  • Check out MSN's blogs. Comment and share your thoughts. Remember not to be spammy with your comments. No one appreciates that and it is considered rude in cyberspace.



I previously sang the praises of YouTube as a free marketing tool for your website and still believe this is a great place to let your creativity shine and help people discover your business. Tech writer Addy Dugdale points out:

“One in every two people on the Internet visits YouTube, and every single firm in Ad Age‘s Top 100 Brands uses the site for its advertising campaigns.”

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Make how-to videos that will be helpful to your customers. For example, some hairdressers have posted videos on how to do specific hairstyles at home, how to make your own hair mask and so on. What can you offer viewers that is valuable but will still make them want to come in and try your product or service?
  • If you aren't good with a camera or don't have time, then take out advertising on YouTube and tag it onto someone else's popular video for a small fee.
  • You can also plug YouTube videos into your blog and write a short commentary to draw reader interest or for a quick post.


According to Mashable, as of 2012, Windows-based computers took up about 78% of the market share. With those kind of numbers, it is little surprise that Microsoft makes the top 10 list. At first glance, you may feel unsure how your business could utilize this site and brand to promote your own product. After all, you can't really advertise or have a presence on Microsoft. Still it is important to look at this popular site and consider a couple of things.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Create free software that can be used by Windows users (not a bad idea to make it available to Apple users as well, though). For example, if you own a golf equipment shop, then create software that allows the user to track and improve his swing.
  • Get involved in the Microsoft community discussions.


When you think about the Internet, you may think about AOL and the words “you've got mail”. Anyone who has been online for more than 10 years, has likely heard that deep, computerized greeting at some point. However, did you know that you can still utilize AOL to promote your business? Even with so many other Internet properties booting AOL out of its once top spot, it is still a popular commodity. You will need an AOL account to utilize these methods.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Post in relevant AOL groups. For example, if you're selling diet products, post in a dieting forum. Again, remember not to just spam the list with something like “buy my great diet product” but to add free information that is helpful without expecting anyone to buy your product. Some may very well become future customers, but your goal is simply to have an online presence at this point.
  • David Anderson suggests: “Another clever way to promote your business is by uploading free articles to the appropriate groups. Write articles that contain information specific to the interests of your target market and include a simple, low-key link to your Web site at the end.” This sounds like a smart tactic for getting your knowledge out there and a little free promotion at the same time.
  • Advertise on AOL's City Guide to reach local customers.


In a previous article, I discussed how you can use Wikipedia to increase brand awareness. However, this is a tricky thing, because if you try to self-promote on Wikipedia, you will more than likely get banned. You really have to go around the back door, get involved in the community, add valuable content and wait for someone else to toot your horn for you. Because it is difficult to utilize Wikipedia effectively for outright promotion, I suggest working on this site only when you have extra time or if you have an employee who can devote some time to the process.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Getting listed on Wikipedia means you have a potential reach of 116,835,000 visitors. Wow! Of coruse, not all of those millions will visit the page you might be listed on, but some will. It also can help your site ranking.
  • Research blog articles completely. If you can establish yourself as an authority, you are much more likely to be linked to from Wikipedia. I actually have not yet started to work on getting listed on this site and was surprised to find one of my articles linked there. It was due to some specific knowledge I had and nothing I did. So, dig deep and share the things you know that no one else does. Share your unique perspective.
  • Gain a presence on Wikipedia's sister sites, such as Wikinews and Wikibooks.
  • Spend a little time in the Wikipedia community area and get to know others. If someone knows you have specific knowledge, they are more likely to reference your work.


As Luke Stangel put it in the Silicon Valley Business Journal:

“Apple tells its story in big numbers: Millions, billions and—in the case of one statistic—trillions.”

Think about the average waiting room or line you are standing in today. What are people doing? That's right; they are on their iPhones, the kids are playing with the iPads, or they have their iPods out listening to them. Apple products have overtaken nearly every aspect of our lives. According to Tech Crunch, in the fourth quarter of 2013 (a mere three months), Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones and 14.1 million iPads.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Create an iOS-based app easily through a service like For example, you can push new coupons to your customers through an app.
  • Create a podcast teaching something related to your business and upload to iTunes. If you own a heating and cooling company, create a podcast that explains how to change your furnace filter, for example or talk about the importance of switching the furnace over to emergency mode in sub-zero weather.

Ask is another website where users can ask questions and seek answers. Although some of their traffic is from students trying to seek answers to tests and homework, there are also questions on just about any other topic you can imagine. Joining the site is free.

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Answer questions people have and establish yourself as an expert on your topic.
  • See what questions people are asking and create a blog post to answer that question. When it comes up again, their search may just pull up your site.

Is Your Top 10 Different Than These?

website choices

In previous articles, I've talked about some social media specific sites and how you can utilize them to reach customers. In addition to the web properties above, you'll want to consider having a presence on Twitter, SlideShare and Pinterest.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on what your competition is up to. If your competitors have a presence on a specific social network or are doing heavy advertising on a website, then you should consider it as well.

Which web properties are the most visited changes almost as quickly as you can find an infographic with the information. While some almost always sit near the top of the list, it is wise to keep your finger on the pulse of the online world and try out new sites as they come and go. Keep your eyes open, be aware of trends and look at creative ways you can get involved as a business.

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