How to Start a Successful Mom Blog, Part 2: Promotion and Monetization

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  • Updated: May 09, 2019

Post updated Feb 26th, 2016. This post is Part 2 of the Start A Mom-Blog series, you can read Part 1 Getting Started and Part 3 Networking in Your Niche here.

After setting up your mom blog, it’s time to promote it. This is a critical step because proper promotion can generate a lot of traffic, which can lead to monetization.

Blog Promotion

  • Grow Your Social Media
    Share often, and, for Facebook and Pinterest, reshare items that get traction every couple of weeks. There are so many social media tools out there, but you need to focus on just one to start. Here are 5 easy steps to get your first 10,000 followers on your new mom blog. This is critical if you want participate in certain promotional campaigns or if you apply for social-media only campaigns.
  • Freebies
    Giving away useful content for free on your niche topic is a great way to attract subscribers and visitors. What is missing that could benefit your audience? Create checklists, downloadable PDFs, video tutorials, podcast interviews, meal plans, or any other tool that will help your site visitors. Discover more ideas for promoting your blog using freebies.
  • Sweepstakes
    These are an easy way to attract returning visitors, as long as the giveaways fit with your blog. For example, a green blog can give away green cleaning products. Remember to deck out your blog and promote your best related posts to keep visitors coming back. Read my tips for running a successful giveaway.

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How do you successfully monetize your mom blog? I’ve gathered advice from different bloggers on what has been successful for them – starting with myself!

Sponsored Posts

This is one of my most profitable ways of making money online even as a low traffic blogger. I transitioned into writing compensated posts after spending time as a product reviewer. Then, I wrote posts in exchange for gift certificates.

Once you start working with brands for compensation, you can raise your rate as your experience grows. I recommend you set up rates – both hourly and per blog post. After working with Silk last year, I now regularly write compensated posts, with inquiries coming to me personally as well as through my favorite blogger networks.

For any inquiries or sponsored post applications, I always pitch a unique angle or creative idea (targeting my own audience) that allows me to stand out from the crowd.

sunshine and sippy cups

Meagan Paulin of Sunshine and Sippy Cups said –

“When getting started monetizing your blog, many people {and I admit, myself included} just take every and any offer that comes their way. It's so exciting – $25 to post about some random product, that takes me only 20 minutes to write? Score!

“But in the long run, that doesn't work. Your readers come to you for authenticity and to hear what another real mom thinks of products, brands, and services. And, you don't want your blog to become a series of commercials. You want quality content. Just like you wouldn't subscribe to a magazine if it was only ads, no one wants to visit your site if it's just ads. So, always keep your readers in mind when you add ads, sponsored posts, etc. If you wouldn't read it, don't post it.”

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Affiliate Marketing

Ever go on a website and see an ad that catches your eye? That’s an affiliate ad, and you connect through them with an affiliate network, such as Amazon or Share a Sale. Once you sign up and are approved, you should only post ads that fit your niche in places like your sidebar, above the post or your header.

You may need to test different areas to see where you get the most traction. You can also create a post with affiliate links such as a niche-focused holiday gift guide customized for your ideal visitor, like an arts & craft gift guide from a craft blogger.

Keep in mind there is an art to affiliate marketing.

Meagan Paulin writes –

“I hear a million bloggers tell me that affiliate marketing doesn’t work for them, but honestly, I think it’s usually because they haven’t found the right angle to use on their site…. If you’re a craft blogger, it would make more sense for you to share your fave craft books from Amazon, or sign up as an affiliate for companies with supplies you mention often in your tutorials.”

Selling Services

I have several gigs where I professionally blog for companies. Because I have skills in a particular niche (the natural health space), I’m sought after. However, I started out guest posting and taking low paying projects as I built my skills and credentials.

It only takes one high profile gig or viral post to get your name circulated in a niche as a “go to” person in any field such as coaching or web design, but it requires that you take your services seriously. For example, I treat my blogging work as if I am a journalist, using only trustworthy sources and crediting them properly.

oboy organic

Trina O’Boyle of O’Boy Organic shared –

“One of the top ways I monetize my blog is by selling services in my area. I teach cooking classes for parents and kids, provide personal baby chef services and do seminars. People come to my site for different reasons and offering multiple options to attract people makes a huge difference.

“Another way is by writing paid posts on my blog. By being a member of certain influence groups and spending time interacting with these groups, I've had many opportunities to make money doing product reviews and brand campaigns. I always keep within my brand mission and only work with companies that I would use personally for myself and or family.”

Paid Social Media Shares

Many blog campaigns are looking for bloggers to Instagram, Tweet or Facebook their content. This is a great way to make side cash if your page views are small but your social media presence is growing. You can pitch one-off tweets at a place like Izea (tweets average $5-7 per), or if they can offer bundles, like they do at BlogHer, a set of 8 Tweets or Facebook posts can bring in $50. Again, make sure these campaigns fit in line with your niche and audience.

double duty divas

Bridgette Duplantis, Co-Founder of Double Duty Divas – 

“Join a blogger network like Double Duty Divas. Networks like these offer compensated blogging opportunities with brands looking to connect with influencers.”


With monetization, you should keep an open mind. Not every way to make money will work with every niche. Affiliate marketing is effective if you have a large niche following and are more established. Selling ad space can work for smaller blogs if you charge a low fee to attract smaller or local clients.

we're parents

Larisha Campbell of We’re Parents?!!, said –

“I suggest exploring all avenues of monetizing. Don't expect to make all your income from affiliates or all your income from sponsored posts. Figure out a routine for apply to various blogger opp programs and stay on top of applying when new campaigns open since they close them out pretty quickly.” Check out more tips from Larisha and list of where to find income opportunities.

Becoming a Professional Blogger

Blogger networks can become a critical source of opportunity, as well, because they often handle all the administrative duties like providing a contract and paying within a reasonable time frame. This allows you a level of comfort and safety as you enter the field.

In addition, as a professional, you need to have some tools at hand – and not just your business cards. A basic contract is a good idea for clients who approach you outside of an established network. Make sure you list your experience and skills on your blog and in your media kit, highlighting skills and acknowledgments.

green talk

Anna Hackman, Green Talk –

“Create a media kit with your stats along with some of your best posts. Use Amazon and Share a Sale affiliate links for products you believe in. Attend Twitter chats to meet like people and join communities!”

Ready to dig in and get started? In Part 3, we’ll discuss strategic networking methods to improve marketing your mom blog.

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