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A mention and a link on Wikipedia is something that business owners strive for. There are several reasons for this desire to get linked up by Wikipedia.

First, the links on Wikipedia are relevant. Go to any topic on Wikipedia and you’ll find solidly researched information that is sourced. Those sources lead the reader to more information on the given topic. That means that someone who is reading an article on Wikipedia and comes across a link to your page is already interested in what you have to offer.

Your conversion rate with a targeted audience is going to be much higher than someone who just stumbles across your site.

Wikipedia is getting massive traffic

In addition, links from Wikipedia are trusted by Google. This type of backlink adds value to your ranking. Not only that, but you’ll get a lot of traffic directly from Wikipedia. According to Alexa, Wikipedia the world’s sixth most visited website.

Compete US Data estimates that Wikipedia received more than  100 million unique visitors in December, 2014 alone.

Wikipedia traffics stats - more than 100 million visits in Dec 2014
Wikipedia traffics stats – more than 100 million visits in Dec 2014

Search Metrics recently completed a ranking factor study. In a world where Google’s ever changing algorithms are difficult to analyze, Wikipedia seems to be treated as a universal brand by the search engine giant. Wikipedia is regularly ranked high by Google. It is often in the number two position for an enormous number of short and generic keywords.

The Good and Bad News about Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a crowd-sourcing site – this means anyone can edit the content and add a link to Wikipedia pages. In other words, Wikipedia is like a web traffic gold mine.

However, the bad news is that you won’t simply be able to add a link here and there and take advantage of those 97 million visitors a month.

Most of Wikipedia’s pages are closely monitored by a team of highly passionate volunteers. Anything that is seen as spammy in any way will disappear usually within minutes.

How to Get Past the Link Police?

WHSR stats - Highly targeted traffics from Wikipedia.
WHSR stats – Highly targeted traffics from Wikipedia.

If the volunteers remove most links that are posted, how can you add value to Wikipedia and a link back to your article?

Rule # 1 – You must have valuable, link-worthy content that will add value to a Wiki page. The content must expand on what is there and be related to what is there.

Once you have your great content ready, here are a few ways you can land a link to Wikipedia:

1. Become a trusted editor yourself

There is just no way to get around putting in time to the Wikipedia community. The easiest way to get your links in place is to invest time talking to other editors and adding links that are not your own but are seen as high value links.

To make an impact on Wikipedia pages, you must sign up for a Wikipedia account, visit pages you know a thing or two about and edit those pages. You need to provide high quality edits to make an impact.

While doing these edits, don’t think you’ll just start adding links to your own site. That is seen as spamming by the Wikipedia community.

Instead, you need to offer something useful and of real value to the community over there. In return, you might, at some point, gain the privilege of linking out to your own site. What typically happens is that a fellow editor sees value in your articles and links to one or more of them for you.

It really is about developing relationships and adding to Wikipedia.

2. Buy your way into links

It’s been said that there is a price for everything. This seems to be true even about Wikipedia links. There are people willing to sell Wikipedia links on the black market.

This may or may not be a great idea. If you get caught buying links, it could get you banned permanently.

I have never looked into how this works behind the scenes. I’m assuming corrupted moderators (smart business people) sell these links. If you dig deeply, you should be able to find someone who is willing to sell you a link or two on Wikipedia.

I am not sharing additional details on this for obvious reasons, but believe me it can be done.

buying wikipedia links

3. Dead link building

Wikipedia is just like any other large website. It has broken links all over the place. Per Wikipedia’s definition, a dead link is an inactive link.

For SEO purposes, an inactive link is a new backlink opportunity for you.

There are a couple of ways to find these inactive links:

wikipedia dead link

Once you find the dead links, go to a site like Wayback Machine and do a little digging around to find the original content that the dead link pointed to. Write a similar topic but add a few more details that make it even better. If the dead link went to good content, make the content great.

Now, just log in to your editor account and replace the dead link with your new article’s link.

By following these few steps, you’ll be taking advantage of traffic from Wikipedia and reaching new readers before you know it.

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