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  • Updated: Sep 23, 2013

The first thing any potential writer or blogger should know about writing is: “Practice makes perfect”, so if this is your ambition then start writing immediately! No craft is honed by just sitting down and thinking about it.

Of course, it is important to know about the people who made it in this field before you so checking out the top notch bloggers who actually made it and created a name for themselves is very much advisable. But thinking that these people actually have some ace up their sleeve and by having this secret knowledge they just pull people into their blogs is very wrong thinking. It is all about the effort and the passion put into your work.

If you don’t care about what you are writing, nobody will. “To write without clarity or charm is a miserable waste of time and ink” Cicero said a long time ago and he is still right.

Blood, Sweat and Writing

In this article we can’t really tell you what to write about or how to write about it, but we can point out the common traits of successful bloggers that write about very different things. In my humble opinion, blogging is an art form and as any art, you need to pour yourself into it so it can really rise to a level above common.

The Personality

The web can be an impersonal place to dwell in and many blogs and articles out there are just words with correct grammar and syntax and with no heart and soul. The thing that makes a blog come alive is the personality behind it.

How to Choose the Subject

Choosing your subject is your first big decision so don’t get pulled into writing about a topic that is currently hot on the web so you get more readers to start with. By doing this you may burn out quickly and lose the will to keep going. There are readers for every subject on the web so take something you really like and you will have the motivation to write more and write with passion. This fondness for the subject will also get you through the tough times that almost every blogger goes through at the beginning of their career.

Have Patience and Perseverance

Success doesn’t come over night and many successful bloggers were writing for years, steadily building up their fan base before they made any kind of income from their work. Patience and perseverance are some of the best traits successful bloggers have. If you lose all hope after the first few bumps on the road, then you can’t really hope to get better no matter what your vocation may be. Stay true to your goal and push on, success is waiting down the road. If you want to make some quick cash then blogging isn’t your best choice.

Take Personal Interest in the Subject

You need to take personal interest in your subject because you really need to know what you are talking about. Another reason for this is that personal interest will make your standpoint in the article more alluring and credible.

However, before you post anything you wrote on the web, you also have to make sure that you have all the facts on your side. Personal beliefs are things that can be debated on and incorporated in your writing, and they are something that goes to your advantage, but you also need to back them up. You can’t just put in stuff you overheard somewhere and hope that these random sources can be trusted.

Defend Your Opinion With Facts

Do your research diligently so you don’t get blown away by the first comment of a reader that is familiar with the subject. You need to create an image of a person that knows what he/she is talking about and has the wits to defend his/hers beliefs.

On the other hand there are many blogs that don’t really have a specific topic; they are more like online diaries, so these bloggers don’t have to worry about specific pieces of information, they just need to be interesting or provocative enough to be a point of interest for readers around the globe. But still, you need to be able to hold on to your own and defend your opinions.

The Responsibility – Respect Your Readers' Time and Participation

One hyper popular post on your blog doesn’t make you the world’s number one blogger. Without continuous work that is similar in quality you very well may lose most of your fans and ruin the opportunity to go big.

You have to decide how much time you need to provide quality content and keep to that schedule so your readership will know when to pop by for some new stuff. A good timetable is a very important thing to have along with communication with your readers.

The comments of your readers should not be ignored because your responses actually mean that you care about them and are willing to take their opinions into consideration. Ignoring them may hurt their feelings and leave you with a handful of readers and another dead-end blog on the web.

Now trolls, on the other hand, should be ignored in most cases. Good bloggers develop the skill of recognizing trolls early on, so they don’t waste time and energy on pointless arguments. Still, if you have a witty response to a troll’s provocation feel free to make your readers laugh, just be careful this has been known to backfire.

In all of this you still need to have time to promote your blog on social networks, find interesting new content to write about, dig up interesting photos and videos to post (preferably connected to the subject) and more.

So, a well organized writer has the time to create a relationship with his readers and keep his content fresh and on time. That’s what makes him stand out from all the rest.

Some of the Biggest Names Out There

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that you should research the background of some of the most influential writers out there, so you can find out how the pros do it and learn from their experience. We decided to make it easier for you by picking out four of the most popular ones out there (in our humble opinion) and present their work to you.

Here they are.

Robert Scoble

He started his technology blog, the Scobleizer, in the year of 2000. His main interest is internet technology and technology in general. He worked for Microsoft from 2003 until 2006 and is currently employed at Rackspace, the Open Cloud Computing Company. If technology is your thing, you should check out his blog and if you want to know more about him you can check out his Google+ account.

robert scoble

Guy Kawasaki

He is an American blogger, former Apple employee and current CEO at Alltop. On top of being a blogger he is also an author of two books. The topics in his blog range from marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, innovation to venture capital, science and photography. If any of these subjects interest you check out his blog.

guy kawasaki

Chris Brogan

He runs Human Business Works specializing in business design and is also a professional speaker, New York Times bestselling author and a very successful blogger. His blog is most easily described as a blend of technology, marketing and business discussions, but is much more than that. If you want to know why, you can explore his blog personally anytime.

chris brogan

Darren Rowse

He discovered blogging as a medium by accident in 2003 and after just 18 months of playing with it, he became one of the most influential bloggers in the world. Currently, he works, among many things, as a consultant for the blogging medium and runs a Digital Photography School. You can find out more about it on his web site.

darren rowse

To Sum Up

Being a blogger can be a very satisfying and lucrative work and can also open some doors for you. If you do it with passion and dedication, it can even become your main occupation. Blogging is not just a hobby, its real work that requires creative thinking, diligence and patience. So think about your interests, pick the strongest one and grab your pen (keyboard).

The web is thirsty for more creative writing.

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