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  • Mar 03, 2017

Hi again, how have you guys been? Remember in our last tutorial (Setup Your First Blogspot Blog) we created our Blogger account and also configured it to our liking?

Today, we’re writting our first post! I hope you’re as excited as I am. I still remember writing my first post on my birthday year 2005 describing what my blog is all about. It’s really great fun having your own place in cyberspace and writing down part of your memory and sharing your joy/sorrow with others.

And now, we are going to do just that!

The writing interface on

This is your writing window and you might want to get a bit familiar with the interface:

Writing window at

Some key functions on the writing panel:

  1. The Undo/Redo button
  2. Strikethrough, YEAH! So you could write something like this: “Although I’m a rocket scientist smart, I tend to be humble.”
  3. The highlight button, example “That freaking T-shirt costs $100?!? NO WAY!”
  4. Hyperlinking. This is really useful to lead you readers to another site by clicking some text. For e.g., please click here. (Ooppss, I mean the word “here” is demonstrating a hyperlink, not an example on how to hyperlink is available there, haha!
  5. Insert Image button. We’ll talk more about this.)
  6. Preview gives you a snapshot on how your post will look like when published. It is always advisable to preview your post before really hitting the “Publish” button.
  7. Labels functionality. For your posts, you are able to tag them into categories of your wish, e.g. Food&Travel, Work, Rants, etc. If your reader clicks on Food&Travel, all posts with the associated label will be sorted out and presented to him/her. How convenient!

What to write in your first blog post?

Now, you may wonder, “How should I write my first post?” The answer, unfortunately, varies. For me, my first post was about what my blog title meant. As a general guidance, you might want to consider these three points when writing your first post:

Who are you?
An introduction of you as the owner of the blog, maybe some particulars on your occupation, location, and interests.

Why are you blogging?
This is quite important to your readers but it is more important to yourself, really. Knowing why you want to blog is a great motivation to keep on doing so and you may find yourself writing more quality posts.

What will you be blogging about?
By having a general idea on what you will be writing in the next posts/future and relating them in your first post, it will get your readers coming back for more as you write.

I must admit that the above is a more conventional way of starting your blogging journey. It should work for most bloggers but there are also available tips on the net on writing your first post, creatively/differently. Have a look!

Getting into action

Haha, I think I’m dragging too much on the introduction. We will really write our first post now.

To set an example, I have already created a new blog “E-quan Travels”. The idea of this blog is to share with my readers the places I’ve been to and the memories along the journey. Let’s see if you could get some idea on how to write your first post by seeing how I write mine.

First, a snapshot on my Page Elements:

Page Elements

Writing the text

On the bottom you could see the words “Draft saved at..”. Blogger automatically saves your work periodically so that you wouldn’t lose it just in case unfortunate event happens, say BSOD?

Writing a post at

Attaching a picture

First, you’ll have to click the “Insert Image” button. You will then see the images below:

How to insert image

Click “Choose File” and choose the picture you would like to attach

How to insert image to your blog?

After successful uploading, you will see a thumbnail of the picture. You may click “Choose File” to add more pictures or “OK” once you’re done

Image option

You will also be given options on the size of the picture and where to position it. Cool!

Inserting video into your blogpost

Embedding a video

Don’t we just love YouTube? Now, you can share the videos you like without needing to ask your readers to go to a particular youtube page. You can straight embed the video in your post! When you view a youtube video, you might have noticed the “Embed” column.

The “embed” part is all you need. Let’s copy that code down with Ctrl+C.

Remember that when we are writing our post, we are in the “Compose” mode. But when we need to embed a video in our post, we will have to go to the “Edit HTML” mode. From the “Compose” mode, put your cursor at the location where you would want your video to appear, then switch to “Edit HTML” mode.

YouTube code in your blogpost

Paste the code you copied just now there with Ctrl+V. TADA! Not hard, eh?

Finishing touch: Hit the publish button!

I think that’ll be all for my first post. Customarily, I will go to the “Preview” mode to proofread my work. It’s also easier to spot any mistakes or errors in your post by having this “bird-eye” view on your post. Yeap, I think I’m quite satisfied with this post. Just before hitting the “Publish” button, I’ll label my post. Erm, perhaps I’ll categorize this as “myblog”. Next, when I blog about travels to other countries, I might have labels like “Europe”, “Asia”, “Middle-East”, and so on.

Have a look at my work here Equan Travels!

It’s simply remarkable how Blogger has made blogging so easy and hassle-free. Just some minor tweaking and you’ll have a clean and organized blog. In the next tutorial, we’ll be exploring some must-have tools for a blogger like storage space for your photos/videos, chat-box, and many more. So stay tuned!

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