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Blog Name Ideas: Tips To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Blog

What’s the biggest hurdle that every budding blogger faces?

Trying to choose a name for their blog.

Naming a blog can be quite hard, especially if you’re new to the whole blogging and branding thing. And if you’re just like me, you might spend hours brainstorming for a name, only to end up with a list of crappy ones.

Surely there’s a better way?

Well, I’m glad you asked! If you’re the type that really hates making names or is just plain terrible at it, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you create and pick the perfect name for your blog.

How To Pick The Perfect Name for Your Blog

Tip #1: Understand How Your Name Represent Your Brand & Blog

Before we get down to churning out masterpieces of blog names, it’s important to take a moment and understand what your blog and brand name are meant to represent.

Ask yourself these four questions:

  • What will your blog be about?
  • Who will the target audience be?
  • What type of tone (casual, serious, etc.) will it be?
  • How will the blog name help build your brand?

The name of your blog should be related to the type of content you’re making. Imagine having a blog named “The Foodie Corner” but your content is all about reviews of natural hair products for men, you’d end up confusing readers who were expecting a food blog.

Similarly, if you have a corporate/cool name but write in a casual/fun tone, it gives the reader a wrong impression and leaves them wondering if they should take you seriously or not.

Be consistent with your brand and what it represents!

If you want to start a food blog, you should use words related to food or eating (i.e. snacking, vegan, healthy, chomping, etc.).

If your blog is about digital marketing techniques, use keywords that are related to those industry or use industry-specific terms (i.e. SEO, digital marketing, SEM etc.).

Tip #2: Have A Thesaurus Ready and Get Creative!

At this point, you should have an idea of what words would best describe your blog. Now comes the fun part! Pick up a thesaurus, or head over to thesaurus.com, and check out similar words that can be used for your blog name.

Let’s say you’re making a food blog. You might decide that the bulk of your content will be about the following keywords: Food, healthy meals, vegan, exercise, happy, recipes, and nutrition.

Plug those words into thesaurus.com and you’ll get words such as snack, grub, fresh, fit, joy, goodies, diet, munchies, strong, hearty, veggies, and bliss. Add some of those words together (such as vegan munchies or fit food recipes) and voila, you’ve got a name for your blog.

When you’re stuck trying to think of words to name your blog, you can always use a thesaurus for a quick list of words to use.

Tip #3: Use Nouns, Verbs, or Even Descriptive Words That Relates To You and Your Content

You might decide that using the thesaurus is enough, but if you really want to take your naming game to the next level, start adding nouns, verbs and/or descriptive words.

Adding nouns, verbs, and descriptive words can further customize your blog name, making it uniquely yours. Plus, it helps to avoid overlapping with other sites or blogs that be similar to yours.

With the food blog example, you could add nouns or descriptive words that relate back to you as a blogger, which could be: boss, guy, girl, beginner, meals, advice, breakfast, dinner, lunch, club, etc.

Put them together and you’ll get gems such as fit girl meals, vegan boss munchies, fresh kitchen recipes, or healthy diet club.

You can even take it a step further and add verb tenses or word variations to make it even more unique. Some examples would be: the fit girl recipes, munching on vegan meals, blissful bakers, fit and fresh.

Pro Level Tip: Using Made-up Word or Inventing Your Own Words

For those who are creatively inclined, you could try inventing or creating entirely new words to name to your blog.

This requires a little bit of outside-the-box thinking but made-up can be an awesome way to adding fun to your blog name. Some great examples would be snackzilla, veganized, sizzlerella, healthsy.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with all kinds of words and have fun with it. You might end up with a cool name that no one’s ever thought of!

Tip #4: When All Else Fails, Use a Blog Name/Word Generator

Maybe you’ve tried all of the tips above and you still can’t come up with a really good name. No worries! Try using a name/word generators for some great suggestions.

Sites like Wordroid.com are a great tool for coming up with fun word combinations and it’s really simple to do. Just put in a word that relates to your content, click on the “wordoids” button, and it’ll give you a list of names that you can use.

What’s great about Wordroids is that you can set the limits to your words, define the quality of the words, set patterns to it, and even include the domain name availability. This means you can check whether the name you liked registered on .com or not, taking out the stress of crafting an awesome and finding out that it’s taken.

Learn more about how domain name registration works here.

Picking The Perfect Blog Name

There are plenty of ways to name a blog and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what that is.

Still, creating a name doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. Have fun and be creative with it and your readers will see that as well.

Remember, there are no hard rules when comes to making a name. As long as you make sure it relates back to your content, you can be as creative as you want!

Once you get that out of the way and register your blog domain, you focus on more important things like setting up your blog, writing epic content and growing your blog.

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