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8 Blogger Resources To Build Your Business

In the fast-changing world of influencer marketing, it's imperative for bloggers to stay current with today's trends. One of the best ways to keep informed is to follow and engage with the top influencers and bloggers, both in your niche and those who are generally savvy about the current market for influencers.


Influencers in your niche can help you find and sort through the latest trends that keep you professional. This is crucial to stay competitive as you pitch and apply for ambassadorships and sponsored campaigns, but it can also help build your brand in the right markets and prevent your blog from failing.

Additionally, keeping up-to-date with the latest news on social media and influencer marketing trends will teach you to be more productive – and mistake-free – as you build your brand.

Today I'll share with you the top resources I use to stay abreast of trends, growth and successful implementation from bloggers.

1. The Courage to Earn – Newsletter, Periscope and Facebook Group

Over 14 years of blogging, I’ve joined a lot of newsletters and groups – and this one in particular really brings the information I need! Brandi Riley is a successful blogger and owner of the blog Mama Knows It All, who coaches bloggers ready to go pro. Her honest newsletter is one I love. She always gives encouragement, inspiration and advice on what you should be doing proactively as a blogger to earn a living. She not only has a public Facebook but a private one as well. I benefit not only from her instruction but also from her weekly challenges to do more. She’s really a breath of fresh air in an instructive market that is crowded with, “You MUST do this or that.” And while she recommends valuing yourself and asking for a reliable income, they are always ethical tips that I feel comfortable and confident using. She also has a $5 pitch ebook that I have used to increase my income and boost my confidence. Her tips are the “gentle” kick in the butt I need when I’m demotivated or discouraged!

[icon link] http://mamaknowsitall.com

What You'll Learn: How to pitch brands and building your professionalism.

Who Will Benefit: Bloggers who are ready to earn more and build their influence.

2. Jonathan Milligan – Blog, Podcast, Periscope and Blab

Jonathan writes his own blog and “Blogging Your Passion.” He often hosts guest entrepreneurs who share their successes and failures. One way he is very helpful is in helping you become more productive, even offering a free weekly blogger template to help you. Let’s face it – bloggers need to do it all, and productivity is one of the hardest problems we face. He offers advice on building a business, creating webinars and publishing ebooks as well. I like his no-nonsense approach that is also inspiring and encouraging.

[icon link] http://bloggingyourpassion.com

What You'll Learn: Improving productivity and starting a business from your blog.

Who Will Benefit: Beginning to intermediate bloggers and those who want to start a business.

3. CreateIf Writing – Blog, Podcast and Monthly Training

I discovered Kirsten Oliphant through a joint webinar on creating ebooks she offered with my friend, Angela England. When I saw she had an MFA in creative writing, I had to learn more! I had to subscribe once I read this on her about page: “I hope to help you learn to sell to your people without being SMARMY.” She also hosts free workshops once or twice a month. Her blog includes useful tips not just for building your audience, but also for building an online summit or writing a quality ebook so you can expand your blog into new areas. Her newsletter contains a question of the week, as well as “Quick Fix Links” with topics like, “When Disappointment Means You're on the Right Track.” Her passion for helping bloggers grow, authenticity and integrity are why I follow her.

[icon link] http://www.createifwriting.com

What You'll Learn: Earning income from writing, marketing and growing past your blog.

Who Will Benefit: Beginning to expert level bloggers.

4. Bryan Harris – Blog, Free “Jumpstart Your Email” Online Course and Webinars

A little different speed, Bryan Harris offers advice that pushes you out of your comfort zone – right now! I took his webinar on building your email list and immediately snagged new subscribers. I also used his template to build a custom landing page for a guest post campaign I did and learned how to include social proof. Bryan tells it like it is and doesn’t let you get off with weak excuses about why you are not doing more for your email list or blog business. His site is also full of tools (paid and free) and marketing “formulas” to guide you along. I recommend you check him out if you need a real kick in your blog!

[icon link] http://blog.videofruit.com

What You'll Learn: Building your email list quickly and marketing your blog into a business.

Who Will Benefit: Beginning to expert level bloggers.

5. Daniels Uslan – Build a Successful Blog & Do It On Your Own Terms

Don’t you just love that title? I do and that’s why I’m saving up to get some coaching from this blogger. Not only does she help you focus on doing it your way, she focuses on what’s critical. For example, she has a post, “How to Set Up Your Blog In Under 10 Minutes,” but writes that it took her nearly a year before she made income from of her blogs – advising readers that making money and building a business take time demonstrating where you should be prioritizing your blog. This is another positive blogging coach, writing articles with titles like, “Why Your Blog is Already Wildly Successful.” Her posts are also podcasts making it easy to listen when you don’t have time to read. [icon link] http://danielauslan.com What You'll Learn: Practical, encouraging tips for blogging and building your confidence and authenticity. Who Will Benefit: Beginning to intermediate level bloggers.

6. SITS Girls – Blog, Newsletter and #SITSBlogging

The SITS Girls website is also the force behind Massive Sway, the blogger community that offers sponsored post opportunities. Not only does the SITS blog offer regular posts on blogging education as well as content sharing for readers, they also offer opportunities for blogger articles to be featured on their website. Additionally, they offer free email training from time to time. This May, they featured a 5-day course on “Photography Basics and Beyond.” Even if you’re not a member of Massive Sway, I recommend checking out this resource and following the hashtag for the valuable tips and the opportunity to share to a large group.

[icon link] http://www.thesitsgirls.com

What You'll Learn: A little bit of everything about blogging, monetizing and influence, plus writing opportunities.

Who Will Benefit: Beginning to expert level bloggers.

7. First Site Guide

First Site Guide is built by a team of web geeks who work for several big and small firms in the fields of hosting, web development, design, SEO and marketing. The site offers almost everything you need to start a personal or business blog/site, a place to show your hobbies, offer advice to others or just to share personal stories, pictures and videos.

[icon link]  https://firstsiteguide.com/

What You'll Learn: Step-by-step start a site guide, marking and branding tactics for both new and experienced bloggers.

Who Will Benefit: Beginning to intermediate level bloggers.

 8. Sweet Tea LLC – Blog, Media and Newsletter

Sweat Tea LLC is full of Southern hospitality from Kirsten Thompson, while providing training on what you need to know. Her site has 3 areas of focus and training for bloggers: Email, Blogging and Encouragement. She also hosts free webinars for her subscribers from time to time. I went to her last one on Content Upgrades and it covered just about everything you need to know about this. Thanks to this webinar, I’ll be working on a whole new plan for my content this summer.

[icon link] http://sweetteallc.co

What You'll Learn: Content and email marketing strategies, branding and confidence building for new bloggers.

Who Will Benefit: Beginning to intermediate level bloggers. It’s critical for bloggers to stay cutting edge if they want earn a living from their blog. While many resources offer boot camp-like training, these 7 gurus are just the right speed, particularly for newer bloggers or bloggers short on time who provide realistic advice on building your blog and income, rather than overnight success formulas that don't work. Their offerings and authenticity provide bloggers with small budgets tools that they can use without breaking the bank.

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