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  • Updated: Mar 02, 2017

It takes six seconds to make an impression, but only if you are in the room. For designers, photographers, web developers or artists, the portfolio is a better gauge of their talents, skills and potential.

Undoubtedly, the best place to showcase a range of talents is through a website. In this case, for a quick and painless website design, your best bet is WordPress. An easy-to-use platform with beautiful, creative and downright impressive themes, WordPress is a professional’s ideal exhibition centre. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at 35 new and fresh portfolio WordPress themes that can easily grab your visitors’ attentions.

Updates: Obviously this is a very old post, many of the featured themes are no longer available. We suggest you check out our recent posts filed under WordPress category for more beautiful WP themes. 

1. Imbalance 2

Shaken Grid

Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based website to an attractive blog, portfolio or even online magazine. This free template designed in strict modern style with a minimalistic touch.

2. Ytterbiumoid

Shaken Grid

Ytterbiumoid WordPress theme is a flexible freemium portfolio WordPress theme that is perfect to showcase your works, recent projects and services.

3. Adele

Shaken Grid

This wonderful theme is especially designed for business and portfolio theme lovers. Adele is a nice premium theme with a lot of features: jQuery Slider, Contact Page, logo image, contact form, Google Analytics Code and many other options.

4. Grid Portfolio Theme

Shaken Grid

Grid Portfolio is a beautiful modern and minimalistic wordpress theme, designed for illustrators and graphic designers to show their amazing work.

 Demo | Download

5. Fotofolio Landscape

Shaken Grid

Fotofolio Landscape is a WordPress theme specially designed for Visual Artist, Photographer, or any media designer, to show off their works.

6. Big Square

Shaken Grid

Big Square is a clean, tidy, elegant, photoblog theme.

7. Portfolium

Shaken Grid

If you are designer, artist, photographer, or other creative specialist you can take a full advantage of Portfolium’s fresh minimalistic design.

8. Expositio

Shaken Grid

Expositio is a very simple & free portfolio WordPress theme for photographers, designers & artists.

9. Revolt

Shaken Grid

Revolt is a unique theme for your WordPress blog – it is customizable to your image and revolting message, and comes packed with bunch of handy plugins and tricks.

 Demo | Download

10. Praseodymiumic

Shaken Grid

Praseodymiumic WordPress theme is another portfolio theme that comes with muted color palette, custom typography, custom front page widgets and testimonial widget which transform your regular blog into a fully functional website.

11. Pure II

Shaken Grid

Pure II is absolutely stylish WordPress theme with minimal and clean layout and great typography.

 Demo | Download

12. Portfolio Press

Shaken Grid

Portfolio theme uses custom post types for portfolio pages, takes advantage of the new menu navigation, and includes a ton of neat features.

 Demo | Download

13. WPFolio 1.74

Shaken Grid

WPFolio is a free and open source theme for WordPress designed by artists specifically for visual artists. It’s simple design, easy to use, built for your portfolio.

 Demo | Download

14. Sight

Shaken Grid

Sight was designed in modern minimalistic style and has two views: the standard blog view and a grid view. It works best for magazine and portfolio blogs.

15. JournalCrunch

Shaken Grid

JournalCrunch, a theme for magazines or portfolios with an integrated journal.

 Demo | Download

16. Spectacular

Shaken Grid

Spectacular, a free WordPress theme that aims to provide a warm and pleasurable atmosphere for personal musings and ramblings.

 Demo | Download

17. Shaken Grid

Shaken Grid

Shaken Grid lets you easily add a gallery post in under one minute, it’s that simple to do. Using WordPress’s post thumbnail feature, all you have to do is upload your image, click okay, and hit publish.

 Demo | Download

18. Funky Funk

Funky Funk

Funky Funk Wp Theme Free pink wordpress theme beautiful design with Grid style for new topic and featured content slider.

 Demo | Download

19. Spatacus


Spatacus will suit any design taste and will manage website to a undiminished unique and brand exceeding website design and quality level.

 Demo | Download

20. Ultra


Ultra is a theme that is ideal for businesses that want a very clean, elegant and professional website, however, with the custom portfolio and blog templates it is also an awesome website for personal portfolios and blogs.

21. BlueBubble 3.4

BlueBubble is a Free, Clean, Simple Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme for Designers, Photographer or any other creative minds!

 Demo | Download

22. SimpleFolio


SimpleFolio is a portfolio theme that includes a blog and a very extensive option page that allows you to exclude all your portfolio items from the blog page.

 Demo | Download

23. Photoria


Photoria is great for a Portfolio showcasing works of a photographer or designer.

 Demo | Download

24. Boldy


Boldy is a free portfolio WordPress theme with cool sliding features and multi colors variations you can check the full list of features below.

 Demo | Download

25. F8 Lite

F8 Lite

F8 Lite can transform your site or blog into a fully functioning photography or multimedia portfolio site.

 Demo | Download

26. Satoshi


Satoshi is a clean and minimal portfolio WordPress theme that’s ideal for showcasing project work.

27. Graphite


Graphite WordPress theme is a fully functional, free wordpress theme from MediaLoot, perfect for creative professionals but suitable for anybody.

 Demo | Download

28. Slated


Slated WordPress theme is a well-designed portfolio style theme that has unlimited Colors.

29. My Corporation

My Corporation

My Corporation is perfect for setting up your minimalistic business and/or portfolio website.

30. Portafolio


Portafolio was created with portfolio sites in mind but it also makes for an awesome business theme or a simple blogging theme.

31. MyPhoto


MyPhoto was created to be very minimal and elegant in design while still powerful enough to handle a large portfolio/photography site.

32. MiniFolio


MiniFolio is a very clean and simple free WordPress theme that will allow you to easily set up an online portfolio and a very simple blog.

33. Quik Gallery

Quik Gallery

Quik Gallery theme works best probably for videos, games or photo type sites but can also make a little unique blog with a bit of editing.

34. Terbiumable


Terbiumable WP theme comes with a clean and well-structured code for easy customization for your portfolio site.

35. Complete


Complete comes with a very clean, modern and professional design that is very simplistic and content focused.

 Demo | Download

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