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  • Updated: Nov 08, 2017

There are many discussions around the pros and cons about hosting your blog on a free platform or on its own domain. It’s undeniable that both options have its own pros and cons and both suit the needs of different bloggers. I’m not going to compare these options here; rather, a list of free blogging platform are compiled. Although I don’t recommend bloggers (Com’on guys, iPage just $1.99/mo to start with, that’s less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee) to go with free blogging platform; some of these services are really good and extremely valuable for bloggers that do not wish to spend.

So here you go, my list of 23 must see free blog hosts.

1. Blogger.com


Google’s blogger.com is (perhaps) the most widely used free blogging platform around the blogsphere. The control interface and blogging tools are easy to use and it’s highly recommended for all beginners.

Visit Blogger.com online

2. WordPress.com


WordPress.com is where you can host and run your blog using WordPress blogging software. The blogging software WordPress is widely supported by most hosting companies, thus there won’t be much trouble if you wish to transfer your blog from WordPress.com to your own hosting in future. Also, it’s worth noting that WordPress.com prohibit most of their users to monetize their blogs. So unless you’re the very few selected big shots, WordPress.com is not recommend if you wish to place ads and sell affiliate products.

Visit WordPress.com online

3. LiveJournal.com


LiveJournal.com offers various type of blog hosting services (free and paid) and are extremely popular around the blogsphere. At the time of writing, there are 18.4 million journals (blogs) created at LiveJournal.com!

Visit LiveJournal.com online

4. Blogr.com


Blogr is a web service that provides blog space to store and share users photos, videos, audios and blog-entries. Although the service is still in Alpha, Blogr.com grew fast and is welcomed by many bloggers.

Visit Blogr.com online

5. Xanga.com


Xanga.com provides free blogging and community networking services. Users get to host their blogs for free and they can connect to each other via the ‘add friends’ feature.

Visit Xanga.com online

6. Blogster.com


Blogster.com is an online community of people who share interests and activities, and are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. The website offer free image and blog hosting altogether.

Visit Blogster.com online

7. Multiply.com


Multiply.com is not only about blog hosting. In fact the website started as social networking websites and expand their reach to blog hosting when blogging turned hot among youngsters. One good thing about Multiply.com is that they offer image gallery features in their services.

Visit Multiply.com online

8. Blog.com


Blog.com was established in year 2005. The website offers both free and paid (premium) blogging platforms. Free account users get up to 10MB (and 250MB bandwidth) of disk storage capacity for their photo album features.

Visit Blog.com online

9. Freevlog.org


Freevlog.org is designed for video blogging and their service is completely free.

Visit Freevlog.org online

10. InsaneJournal.com

Insane Journal

The website, InsaneJournal, is a simple blogging platform that’s built on open source software from Danga Interactive. Starting a diary (blog) at InsaneJournal.com is free but they recommend the highly privileged paid account.

Visit InsaneJournal.com online

11. ClearBlogs.com

Clear Blogs

ClearBlogs.com offer advance blogging features for free. Beside hosting your blog, the website allows you to limit your accessibility (friends only blogpost) as well as IP banning.

Visit ClearBlogs.com online

12. Etribes.com


Etribes.com allow you to share videos, photos, and writings via blogs and image gallery. The first 50MB with Etribes.com is free of charge but if you go further, a fees of £12 is charged.

Visit Etribes.com online

13. Terapad.com


Terapad.com is more than just a blogging platform. The website offers a bunch more value, such as shops, forums, as well web pages – it works more like a CMS than a blog platform. There’re a wide range of ready-made (very well designed!) templates available for Terapad.com users. The only bad things about Terapad.com is that the free services come with unwanted ads on your blog/website – you’ll need to pay $14.15/mo if to remove the advertisement.

Visit Terapad.com online

14. Blogsome.com


Blogsome.com is a free blog platform that’s powered by WordPress. The website is based in Ireland and offer large chunk of WordPress templates.

Visit Blogsome.com online

15. ShoutPost.com


ShoutPost.com offers free blogging platform with no ads at all. There are little blog themes to be selected but their service is totally free of charge.

Visit ShoutPost.com online

16. OpenDiary.com


Blogging with OpenDiary.com is free of charge. However there’re ads everywhere with a OpenDiary.com blog – you’ll need to pay ($12 per 6 months) to remove the unwanted advertisement as well as to get advance features in their services.

Visit OpenDiary.com online

17. Greasy.com


Greasy.com offer social network and blog hosting services. Like most social networking blog services, Greasy blogs have limited flexibility in term of blog designs.

Visit Greasy.com online

18. Blogetery.com


Blogetery.com offers multiple templates, anti-spam, free sub-domain and more.

Visit Blogetery.com online

19. Friendster.com


Yes I know Friendster is more about social networking but they do offer free blogging services to their users. In fact, many beginners start their first blog with Friendster as there are ready-made audiences (their friends in Friendster).

Visit Friendster.com online

20. Netcipia.com


Netcipia.com offer free blog and wiki for private or public display with up to 2GB of storage.

Visit Netcipia.com online (no longer available)

21. SquareSpace.com


SquareSpace.com allow you build your blog with numerous themes, also allows you to add other site features.

Visit SquareSpace.com online

22. Bravenet.com


I was kind of reluctant to place Bravenet.com in the list but there are indeed free blog hosting services with Bravenet. What’s pull me away from categorizing them as free blogging platform is because that they are more like a free web hosting services. Upon sign up, users get 1.5GB monthly bandwidth and 50MB disk storage for free. You can then install your blogging software and run your Bravenet.com account as a free blog account.

Visit Bravenet.com online

23. Edublogs.org


Edublogs.org is a WordPress powered blogging platform for educators.

Visit Edublogs.org online

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