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  • Updated: May 19, 2015

To say that Pinterest has captured the imagination of just about everyone on the web-verse would be too mainstream, but nonethless true. On a website that has emerged to be the fastest growing site in  Internet’s history,  there are benefits galore for everyone.

The pinboards, as we call them, are a great way to tuck in some heavy doses of information that comes straight from the experts. And bloggers in particular have been having spring times on Pinterest. If you are a blogger and if you are yet to discover Pinterest as a much-valuable tool, I won’t begin with my sermon on why you should explore it. Rather, here is a list of pinboards you must follow and you wil know what you have been missing.

1. Nicki | SEO Marketing


As the name suggests, this one is a pinboard for bloggers who wish to tuck in some more SEO concepts, in order to make sure their blogs get good enough attention from search engines, thus garner good quality traffic. Nicki does out some of the most incredibly SEO techniques that can really perch you up and beyond your closest competitors. But she doesn’t dole them out in a typical yawn inducing manner. A clever tip here, an intriguing bit there – you have enough to savor here without feeling SEO-exhausted.

Nicki | SEO Marketing

2. Biz Strategist: Marketing

biz strategy

For content marketing aficionados, Amanda Genther has put up a great pinbaord that boasts of a savage usefulness and a sincere attempt at educating the writers one more aspect of writing – an aspect that will push their content further into the market. all the technicalities of inbound and outbound traffic can well and truly be understood here, and then can be applied on your blog for it to gain more leverage and mileage on the Internet. the versatility of the pinboard is incredible, and pretty much unassailable.

Biz Strategist: Marketing

3. B2CInfographics


All bloggers on the web-verse would speak in near unison when asked to recite homilies of the Infographics. The Infographics tell you way more than you ever bargained to know, without making you squint hard on any elaborative piece of text. With a clever use of pictures and information bits scattered throughout, in a very intuitive manner, this has proved to be one tool that has captured the attention of bloggers worldwide. And this particular pinboard by B2C Community leverages on that popularity quite emphatically.


4. Allyssa Barnes


The WordPress pinboard of Allyssa Barnes is aimed at offering bloggers WordPress tips and tit bits in spades. This pinboard contains a number of posts around the WordPress CMS functionalities, tips and plugins. Anyone who is yet to find his way around WordPress can leverage this pinboard and gather as much information and knowledge as they can. It brings forth plugins of all kinds – for pinterest, facebook, for analytics, SEO, etc.

Allyssa Barnes

5. Sarah Beckham’s Content Marketing Pinboard


Sarah Beckham lays great stress on content marketing – an exercise you need to get your quality content gain some recognition. She makes sure the pinboard is pretty diverse by suggesting efficient and versatile ways to achieve content marketing success. Sarah understands the areas where one should give the requisite stress and the areas where any vulgar stress should be done away with. Delivering focus in her  tips and write ups around content promotion tips, Sarah also makes use of a number of Infographics that astutely illustrate the role content marketing can play, and how it can be made best use of.

Sarah Beckham’s Content Marketing Pinboard

6. Rebekah Radice’s Social Media Marketing


This is exactly what the doctor ordered! The bloggers who have been finding it challenging to promote their blogs through the social media platform have some help coming along. Everything you need to know about social media marketing is right here for your consideration. From Infographics to elaborative articles to one-line tips and elucidatory illustrations – every bit of information on the pinboard is aimed at delivering preciseness.

Rebekah Radice’s Social Media Marketing

7. This (sorta) old Life’s Blogging/Social Media

sorta old life

The propulsive pinboard is another haven for bloggers who add some more voice to their writings and deliver greater focus. But it not only focuses on the writing side of things. This one also draws your focus on how you can extract more out of social media and let your blog enjoy some leverage to get higher traffic. There are tips pertaining to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and just about every social media platform you can think of.

This (sorta) old Life’s Blogging/Social Media

8. So! What? Social

so what

They might end up being overused in near future, but would never be over-exhausted. With a growing bent towards passing off some knowledgeable bits by the means of Infographics, their popularity is witnessing a higher surge, and this pinboard is a prime example of the same. It brings forth some insightful Infographics on social media and the corporate circle, and provides a burst of some incredible information for you to stumble upon. Bloggers looking to create an infographic themselves can take inspiration.

So! What? Social

9. Blue Host


More WordPress for you. Considering how WordPress has changed the rules of the game, it is imperative that you take in as much of WordPress as you can. A highly interactive pinboard, it puts forth everything right there for your consideration. Follow it to stay at top of the WordPress radar and expand your blogging horizon to newer avenues.

Blue Host

10. Sara Pirate

sara pirate

Sara covers it All – from eBook to SEO to social media. And her pinboard also boils with a considerable number of intuitive and insightful Infographics. The pinboard contains several links to posts that explain how a blogger can write content keeping in mind the best practices pertaining to being indexed by Google and the likewise search engines.

Sara Pirate

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