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HostPapa Review
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Review Last Updated: March 16, 2017
HostPapa started business in 2006 and is one of the earliest that goes green in its hosting operations. At time of writing, Hostpapa operates business from both Niagara Falls, United States and Oakville, Canada. Should you host your site at HostPapa? Check it out in this review.

HostPapa started business in 2006 and is one of the earliest that goes green in its hosting operations. At time of writing, Hostpapa operates business from both Niagara Falls, United States and Oakville, Canada.

FYI, I no longer hold a HostPapa hosting account at time of review. This review is based on my past usage experience with the web host.

What HostPapa Has to Offer?

At price of $3.95/mo, HostPapa users get unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, databases,and email accounts as well as one-click installation supports, latest PHP and MySQL versions, basic SSL supports, and so on. In short, HostPapa what most other budget shared hosting providers are offering.

You can find details about Hostpapa hosting features in the table on your right; or simply visit HostPapa online at

Instead of telling you the same thing like what many other hosting review sites are doing, I am going to tell you something different based on my two-year experience with HostPapa. Here’s what to like, and what to dislike about the Canadian host.

 What I like about HostPapa?

 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Hosting reliability is what makes HostPapa stand out from the rest – the company has an “A-” in BBB Business Review. During my two years stay with HostPapa, I barely noticed any site down time. I did not track my site uptime back then but in my memory, my HostPapa account was never down.

At time of wirting, Hostpapa offers a written SLA of 99.9% uptime guarantee to all of their shared hosting users. This is a real sign of confidence! Sum this up with my previous experience, I am convinced that if you host your sites at HostPapa, server down time will never be an issue.

Feedback from HostPapap Management

HostPapa is proud to now have an improved A+ Rating at the BBB Business Review.

Green Hosting from Hostpapa

Hostpapa is one of the cheapest green hosting services available in marketis. To compare, GreenGeeks costs $4.95/mo and Hostgator costs $7.95/mo for similar package. The web host has taken the initiative of going green since year 2006 by buying renewable energy to power their servers and office.

How green hosting works at Hostpapa?

Of course Hostpapa does not have a wind turbine or a solar panel farm on top of the data center.

After an energy audit by a third-party provider (, for example) to calculate Hostpapa electrical energy consumption from traditional sources, HostPapa purchased “green energy tags” from a certified clean energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of Hostpapa operation (from hosting websites to office admin works) and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid.

This effectively cuts down on the carbon dioxide-producing (CO2) energy that we normally would have required from non-green energy sources.

 Problems With HostPapa

Telephone and live chat goes off during non-office hours in weekends

I am surprised that HostPapa is not offering 24/7 live chat support during weekends. For weekdays, Hostpapa live chat support is 24/7; however when it comes to weekends, the live chat will only be available from 6:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. (EST).

Feedback from HostPapap Management

HostPapa offers Live Chat Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is in addition to our normal phone and email/ticket support, which is also 24/7/265.

Inconsistent Management Styles

HostPapa has been changing its promotion styles frequently for the past few years. First it was the monthly coupon code system – each month HostPapa will send out an updated coupon code to all its affiliates. Soon, it switched to promotion link style – you will need to click-thru and order via special promotion link to enjoy a special discount; and nowadays the company simply abandon the entire coupon/promo code thingy.

I had worked with three different affiliate managers from Hostpapa within the past three years. All three managers come with a different story how things work in Hostpapa.

Feedback from HostPapap Management

HostPapa has maintained the same core senior management team since its inception in 2006. We started as a small company working out of the founders house. The same management team members that started the company in that house, a decade ago, are still with us in our large, corporate office today.

 HostPapa Customer Reviews

customer feedbacks

HostPapa is recommended! “HostPapa offers many features.It is great.The bandwidth and cost is affordable.The way it uses natural resources to obtain necessary power is just great.By using HostPapa we can literally help the environment a little.Normal customers might want to test all the stuff it offers.So,it’s better to give them some experience without taking the necessary credit card details.That might make a lot of difference to the customer.Customers might need simple answers rather than technical answers.It offers great tools though which saves us so much of our time.I would recommend HostPapa.” – Sneha Pasala @ Jun 17, 2013.

Stay away from HostPapa if you expect your web site to grow “If you have a simple static site or a site with a very few users and database usage, HostPapa may be an option for you. What we’ve hit is 1) maximum 15 MySQL simultaneous database connection limitation – users get mysql error once they hit 16th connection; and 2) maximum 50 emails that can be sent from your web site which is a very serious limitation for any more or less low-medium size business. Hosp Papa admin couldn’t get approved our 9000 emails per month max request (only 300 emails a day!) saying this is too much for a shared hosting. And, since HostPapa is not offering any VPS or dedicated hosting either, once you hit the limit you will have to start looking for a different provider having all this site migration headache, not mentioning the downtime and possible migration issues. Stay away from HostPapa if you expect your web site to grow.” – Yuriy S. @ Jan 13, 2013.

Feedback from HostPapap Management

The free, cPanel hosted email product that comes with our shared hosting plans allows for up to 250 emails/hour/account (actually more allowance than most of our competitors such as GoDaddy). We are also unique in that we provide our customers advice and migration support to move to premium email options such as our Hostpapa Advanced Email, Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365—all of which come with full ongoing administrative support at no extra charge.

HostPapa offers a very competitive Virtual Private Server solution for customers looking for more power or a more robust infrastructure. We also offer free migration support to those customers looking to migrate from a shared environment to our VPS.


 Verdict: Should You Go with HostPapa Hosting?

As mentioned, I used to run a charity website on Hostpapa and I was happy with the server reliability I got at Papa.

Do I recommend HostPapa? Yes. But in the same time, I need to remind you that there are plenty of other hosting services available at more or less the same price.