Hostgator vs Apollo Hosting

Why Hostgator is a web hosting leader?

But web hosting is a very competitive industry, and potential companies keep on coming, they grow and become big names as well. The web hosting companies, we’ve compared Hostgator earlier are also good names and have potential to acquire more of the market share.

Who’s the better web host: Apollo or Hostgator hosting?

This article is another comparison of Hostgator series, and will compare the services of Apollo with Hostgator. Apollo is also one of the potential web hosting leaders with more than 165, 000 domains hosted with it.

Both are good names, but Hostgator still has the hold on industry with some distinguishing features that include:

  • Apollo hosting offers only 50GB/500GB disk storage/bandwidth; while Hostgator offers 600GB/6,000GB disk storage/bandwidth – that’s 10 times different!
  • Monthly payments options of Hostgator, letting you discontinue at anytime you’re unsatisfied makes is much convenient to decide by testing it. On the other hand, Apollo requires a long term subscription.
  • Prices at Apollo Hosting get higher if it’s a short term subscription, so the less price advantage may be overshadowed here.
  • Hostgator provide +52 ready made scripts, while the other one has a limited choice.
  • Hostgator offers money back guarantee, so if services are not as promised, you can have your money back.
  • Hostgator was rated A (recommended) in our expert review session; while Apollo Hosting was rated C (Not recommended). Hostgator detail review, click here.

Hosting features comparison

Apollo Hosting

Pricing Details
24 months plan (Prepaid)$6.95/mo
Disk Space50GB
Monthly Bandwidth500GB
Free Domain NameNo
Host additional Domains20
Parked Domains
mySQL Databases100


Pricing Details
24 months plan (Prepaid)$7.95/mo
Disk Space600GB
Monthly Bandwidth6,000GB
Free Domain NameNo
Host additional DomainsUnlimited
Parked DomainsUnlimited
mySQL Databases100

Wrapping things up

You may not always need Hostgator, so testing Apollo may also not cause any harm. Try it and see if you’re fine with it, you can have it for longer period having costs’ advantage.