Hostgator Black Friday Promotion Is Coming Back!

Hostgator Black Friday Sales 2010 - Alexa Ranking

Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Remember how crazy it was last year at Hostgator? The Gators ran a ‘store-wide’ 80% price cut on Black Friday 2010. The bargain was so good – web hosting shoppers went so crazy with the promotion and pushes Hostgator up to #1 trending topic on Alexa 2010 (see picture above).

Well, this year I suspect something similar is brewing.

I just received an official email from the Gator and I was informed that they will be running another round of Black Friday Promotion. I have just marked my calendar and I will try my best to release the promotion details (offer terms & conditions, discount link, coupon code, bargain dates, etc etc… whatever that’s matter) as soon as I am allowed to do so.

So stay tuned, and remember to come back here on this Thursday or Friday.