Cheap hosting sucks! Here’s why

Cheap hosting does not always suck, but in most cases it comes with a lot of undesired issues. Why it is so has many reasons and here are few common ones:

Rushed Servers

The cheap hosting packages wrapped into ‘unlimited resources’ wrappers attract almost everyone. Everyone wants to have an ‘all in one’ pack, and so the servers get rushed with too many sites on them resulting as poor server response time. Sometimes cheap hosting companies have hundreds of servers, and it’s your luck which one you get. You may get the buggiest one.

Bad Neighborhood Via Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is like a public place where everyone is unknown to you. You don’t know the person next to you, and a virus injection to any other site on the server may cause a serious damage to your site as well.

Email Issues

Since cheap hosting attracts everyone, the spammers love to have it, and due to their activities, it’s very possible that your host is blacklisted. Once your host is blacklisted, your emails get affected badly.

Unclear TOS

Not all cheap web hosting companies, but many of them have unclear TOS, so before having a deal with any of them, make sure that you understand their TOS and these are acceptable for you. And if you find TOS unclear, never ever go for that hosting company, it’ll suck for sure.

Bad Support

The biggest dilemma of cheap web hosting companies is that due to huge user base, the response time is poor. The tickets are mostly replied after long hours, and in case if the communication over ticket is not effective it may take days. Other than this their hold time is quite long, and this really sucks.

Cheap hosting definitely sucks, but this is not the fault at hosting companies’ end, instead it’s your own. If you research a little before going blindly after a cheap web host, examine their site, understand TOS, talk to them and clear things before any deal, cheap hosting can do well for you, and will not suck at all!


  1. Hi,

    I agree with this totally and I use very good cheap hosting without problems because I do my due diligence first. In my experience it take at least 3 days to find good cheap hosting but more like a week because even when you find it you don’t always know until you have looked at everything else first.

    They all state stuff like $3.50, unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth, then when you start reading carefully looking at what the related footnotes mean connected to the symbols at the end of some sentences you find out that it is only available if you sign up for 3 years. The real price is $8.95 if you want to pay on a month by month bases the problem is if you sign up for 3 years and they are a poor service you are stuck with them.

    The reality in my experience is this, if you do your due diligence there are some very good deals and services out there at good prices but you do have to look at them very closely.


  2. Don t sign up with ipage. This service really sucks. My website was all days down – really all days! 5-10 times and always slow. The support is horrible because nobody can help you and they answer the same phrases. Maybe they have a list and only copy a phrase.

  3. i signed up with ipage and later complained about the fact my site was down sometimes. the reply back was that, “it’s working now”. things have been fined up until today again when the time outs came back. really, i’m glad i only signed up for one year.

  4. I have been with iPage for a month now, and I am actually going to cancel their service and go with another hosting company. iPage SUCKS, and I mean they suck.

    My website was also down for days, I was locked out of my account several times. When my website was up and running, you couldn’t get to the inner pages, because iPage technical support had screwed up my initial settings. When I asked them to fix the DNS settings, they screwed up and my page was unavailable for days.

    I had set up WordPress correctly. Everything was working, and I started having problems a week or two later, and it was because somehow WordPress had been installed twice. BUT I personally DID NOT install it correctly.

    The technical support people do not know what they are doing. I would call and get one response from one person. I’d call back, and get a totally difference response.

    Sometimes they’d try to blame me for the problem. Then, I’d get another technical support person and they said it was on their end.

    It has been frustrating. But the downtime has been the most aggravating.

  5. iPage sucks indeed. In 24 hours, my page was down for 6 hours and it is still down. I am so frustrated and customer service always gives the same generic answer. Never ever sign up with ipage.

  6. Ipage has the slowest customer service response time. Ipage has slowest and worst customer service. My website was down for like 3 days and it took them 3 days to fix the dam small website that barely has any contents. Agents take forever to respond when I need to chat with them.

    All the good reviews they have are PAID MARKETINGS. ipage also has 2 mb upload limit… which makes it impossible to build even a decent website. They also have 60 sec execution time which makes so that even if they increase it to 10 mb upload size limit, you can only upload 2mb in the end with the execution time limit. Oh and default is 2mb size limit… you have to ask and beg them to lift it to 10 mb. It's ridiculous. Do not use ipage hosting service. DO not use their sister company ipower either.
    They are basically same company (ipage and ipower). I paid about 80 bucks and they will only return like 20 something dollars. I am going to wait until my time is up then canceling it. All the savvy programmers and web developers told me to stay away from ipage hosting but it was too late… b/c i already signed up before they gave me the advice…

    Oh and not to mention, my website was down like every other day even with barely having any content on it. (home page with banner and one blog comment…)

    If you are serious about building a website, don’t use ipage nor ipower.
    Their unlimit marketing is obviously a lie. It’s super limited and they cut you off anytime they feel like it. Do not get suckered into their paid marketing review. They pay to websites to have good ratings…

  7. I also have ipage and feel like a sucker. I only read good reviews. Everyone online recommended them. Thats why it didn’t make sense when I got them and there are all these problems. I thought I must be the only one. My site is super slow. 40 second loading is fast for me. My site is always down several times a day. I always get people telling me on my facebook fan page that they can’t see my site. With the super slow upload and the site always down its amazing that I have any viewership at all. I was so happy when i signed up with them after reading all he horror stories with other companies. Its about time people started telling the truth about this company. Customer service is nice but useless. They can’t help you. They just tell you someone is working on your problem. Is there a fast server someplace else? I can’t even pull my own site on networked blogs. NWB says its a problem with my hosting company and Ipage says its not them because my feed is a third party app. The problem is that they can’t pull my feed because the site takes too long to load. I can’t say it enough. Ipage sucks a$$. Don’t waste your money and dont risk losing readers because your site is too slow.

  8. ipage sucks. Not only is the performance weak at best, and not only is their on-line management interface full of bugs, but When your initial period is up (1 year for me), they automatically renew AT MORE THAN DOUBLE YOUR CURRENT RATE! No where on the site, when you select the auto renew option, does it tell you they are going to significantly change the rate they charge you. It’s fraud. The implication is that you will renew at the same rate. They intentionally hide the fact that that are going to double, or triple your rate.

    They did send me an email saying the service was going to renew, and said what the charge would be, but no where was there any indication it was a price increase. Clearly, they are hoping people don’t notice the price increase. And when it renews, it renews for the same period you initially signed up for. If you sign up for 3 years, the ONLY renew option you have is a 3 year renew, and no where on the site does it say it’s going to renew at a rate significantly higher than you first signed up for.

    All the “good” reviews are OBVIOUSLY lies. They are paid marketing sites.

  9. i-Page indeed SUCKS! Here’s why:

    1. Unreliable service: servers go down frequently without explanation.
    2. Incompetence: They have the least capable IT staff working in tech support. They may have recruited these guys from reject pool.
    3. The company set traps: they get you in cheap but jack up the renewal price several times from the first year. Yet, they continue to advertize low-price scheme to their new victims (customers).
    4. The have many technical issues with email servers but are too incompetent to fix within reasonable amount of time. Every time they have a problem, they always come up with some bogus excuses and claiming only “small number of customers” are affected.

    i-Page is bogus and does not deserve your money.

  10. I signed up for iPage hosting a week ago, but I did not get anything from them – as in no hosting, no email from them. I got on live chat 3 times and each time they say that a technical specialist will contact me by email within 24-48 hours. But they haven’t. Meanwhile I am waiting to get my website up and running. So today I just cancelled my order before I even started with them. I gonna go look for someone else now.

  11. we have an ipage account,it seems downed one time last month,but fixed soon, we tested it seems works but not the best, it seems ipage is an son company of EIT, some article said EIT is some vampire…hehe,but ipage seems acceptable at present if your request not very picky,we will see if it works smooth the first year then make a decision…their people are ok to deal with,but has different personalities,not the same hot..

  12. Damn guys, i paid for ipage just because i’ve read so many good review on net, but they are the worst ever. Now i’m looking for some hosting that can get my 3 website. because ipage makes them impossible to use.

    I wish i had read this before……………………….

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