40 Free Stunning Magazine Style WordPress Themes

I’m going to share with you my latest collection of Magazine style WordPress themes in this blogpost. I hope you’ll find it convenient to use – IMO, themes listed below are absolutely stunning, user friendly, and I personally like them a lot. In fact, I was a little picky when I first drafted this post and decided to list out only the free themes. Feel free to share this post around and do leave a comment if you knew any other themes that I should get it listed here.

Download and Demo Magazine Style WordPress Themes

1. WP Clear

Details: Download / Demo

2. FX Mag

Details: Download / Demo

3. Smashing MultiMedia

Details: Download / Demo

4. iGames

Details: Download / Demo

5. Hamasaki Theme

Details: Download / Demo

6. IsoTherm News

Details: Download / Demo

7. Lap of Luxary

Details: Download / Demo

8. Mimbo Theme

Details: Download / Demo

9. Subtly Made

Details: Download / Demo

10. Trista

Details: Download / Demo

11. The Morning After

Details: Download / Demo

12. Small Magazine Theme

Details: Download / Demo

13. ColorBold

Details: Download / Demo

14. Pro Start

Details: Download / Demo

15. WebFolio

Details: Download / Demo

16. SimpleScheme Mag

Details: Download / Demo

17. RockWell

Details: Download / Demo

18. FreshMotar

Details: Download / Demo

19. PixDesign

Details: Download / Demo

20. Bueno

Details: Download / Demo

21. Berita

Details: Download / Demo

22. Magiting

Details: Download / Demo

23. Render Magazine

Details: Download / Demo

24. OrganicMoss Theme

Details: Download / Demo

25. TypoPrint

Details: Download / Demo

26. Moi Magazine

Details: Download / Demo

27. Creative by Nature

Download / Demo

28. FakeBlog

Details: Download / Demo

29. Magazeen

Details: Download / Demo

30. Milano

Details: Download / Demo

31. Elegant News

Details: Download / Demo

32. WordPress Blues

Details: Download / Demo

33. PureMagazine

Details: Download / Demo

34. Urbane

Details: Download / Demo

35. Visoko

Details: Download / Demo

36. Magnum Black

Details: Download / Demo

37. Vodpod

Details: Download / Demo

38. Brightness

Details: Download / Demo

39. DesignMagz

Details: Download / Demo

40. Equilibrium

Details: Download / Demo

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