Updates: iPage Is On Sales @ $1.99/mo

iPage Sales

Well, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is here again. iPage has just rolled out its promotion – $1.99/mo for first three months, $2.95/mo thereafter for the rest of your term. The savings (see table below) from this deal is not as good as I expected; but then, it’s better than nothing, right?

Before And After – A Reality Check On This iPage Promotion

SubscriptionPromotion Period Normal Period
First 3 Months$1.99/mo x 3 = $5.97$2.95/mo x 24 = $70.80
The Remaining Term$2.95/mo x 21 = $61.95
You Save$70.80 – $67.92 = $2.88

From the news I’ve got, this hosting deal will last for another couples of days and ends on November 27th. Readers who are considering iPage should go check this out.