Sold for $250,000 ( is recently sold for $250,000 on

A quarter million, worth it?

A website with $0 profit and a potential lawsuit for a quarter million – Isn’t this amazing? (If you read financial news frequently, that’s a “business” is sold with infinite PE aka price-to-earnings ratio.) is sold!

But of course, is not just another Uncle Joe’s website. The website gets roughly 12 millions visits per month with 26 millions page loads; and the deal comes along with its own URL shortener service ( Furthermore, the operational cost (around $500/mo) for such a heavy-traffic site is relative low – thanks to the efficient Amazon EC2 web servers. I have been following the auction quite closely and find it very entertaining.

In case you wish to know about this record-breaking deal (for, check out this blogpost: How was built then sold for $250k.