Hostgator vs CyberSquatters

It’s common to see companies being attacked by cyber- and typo- squatters.

Not long ago, I found, a junk site that does nothing except stealing traffics from typo searches; and GatorHost, a twitter page built by Hostgator affiliate.

(See? Nothing but bunch of crap links.)

GatorHost Twitter
(And who’s that hot Indian girl?)

Hostgator’s response

And without surprise, I see Hostgator fighting back with Adwords and their own Hostgator Twitter page. You’ll see the same trend (hosting companies fighting back with Adwords money) with most of the big brands like iPage, FatCow, WebHostingHub, etc etc everywhere.

Hostgator Adwords placement

In certain point of view, I think being attacked by cybersquatters is something worth congratulating – as it shows you now own a big name on the Internet. Right?