Hostgator Upgraded Business Hosting Plan!

Hostgator new business hosting plan

Hostgator is setting new industry standard yet again with the latest business hosting plan upgrades.

Now when you subscribe to Hostgator’s Business Hosting Plan, you’ll get a toll free number with up to 100 hours (worth $4.90/mo) of free talk time monthly. This special feature is available for both Linux and Windows business hosting. As mentioned in the official news release:

The toll-free service is managed and provided by Houston-based voice-over-IP provider VOIPo. VOIPo, which provides a wide range of telecommunications services including toll-free numbers, residential VoIP services and SIP trunking, was founded by a former HostGator executive in 2006. More information about VOIPo can be found on the web at VOIPo Web Site

Hostgator = Best Business Hosting

Hostgator back end system was upgraded not long ago, and now the Business Plan Features – seriously, it’s hard not to impressed with the company’s rapid development.

The addition of a toll-free number on a Business Hosting Plan that already comes with unlimited websites hosting capability plus free private SSL certificates will complement the plan’s existing offerings and allow HostGator’s business customers to further grow their businesses.

Compare Hostgator web hosting plan

A quick view on the different hosting plan at Hostgator. (Note that pricing might be different due to special deal at W.H.S.R.)

Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Anoymous FTPNoNoYes
Dedicated IPNo$2/mo extraFree
Toll-Free NumberNoNoFree
Private SSLNoNoFree

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