April Roundup: New Hosting Reviews and Improving Your Site

The days have grown longer and it seems that everyone has a fresh spring in their steps as warmer weather approaches. Here at WHSR, we try to keep a spring in our steps throughout the year, but April seemed to be a particularly productive month filled with new web hosting reviews for you to explore and some fabulous articles to help you improve your site.

Hosting Reviews

Jerry Low, owner and the brains behind WHSR, spent some time really digging into several hosting companies and providing reviews for them. When Jerry reviews a hosting company, he takes several steps that include trying out the server, testing it, watching its uptime on our WHSR Uptime Monitor and more. You can be sure that you’re getting an honest and in-depth review based on first-hand experience. April’s reviews included:

  • Netmoly – Jerry gave Netmoly four out of five stars for reasons such as the high quality of features and how well it works for big sites. In particular, Netmoly works well with large ecommerce sites.
  • TMDHosting – TMDHosting got a five out of five in its review. The prices are fairly low and the company offers a variety of hosting plans. It rates five stars because it reaches “blazing fast” speeds.
  • ZeroStopBits – Starting at only $3.50/month, ZeroStopBits garnered a four out of five star review. Reasonable pricing, fast server and good stats for a new host all played into the rating. There were some issues with uptime, but that is likely due to bugs being worked out since they are fairly new. This is one you should definitely consider.

Finding the right web host is always a challenge, but WHSR’s reviews help you make a smart, informed decision.

Improve Your Website

Throughout the month of April, our writers covered various things you can do to improve your writing and improve your website.

Lori Soard covered Shallow Content and the Impact on Your Blog and Writing Career. Learn what it means to write shallow and what you can do to turn things around.

Daren Low took a look at some different things you could blog about on your ecommerce site. His goal is to help you come up with ideas even if you’re blocked.

Do you want to take your WordPress site mobile? Vishnu Supreet shared 15 WordPress Themes to Create Mobile Ready Sites. Screenshots are included for each of the themes, so you can get a birds-eye view of what’s available and then discover which features each theme comes with.

If you’re looking for more ways to monetize your blog, check out Luana Spinetti’s article on Contextual Advertising for Bloggers. Learn how to advertise in an ethical way and how to seek out advertising for your blog.

Of course, we have several other articles you’ll want to check out as well and many more planned for May. Until next month, happy blogging!