How slow load time affect your website?

We have been talking about how clean web designs affect site load time earlier. As some of you might overlook the issue, this article explains why slow load time is very bad and it should be avoidable at all cost.

Listed here are some of the critical issues with slow website load time.

Loss of web traffics

Apparently there’re solid reasons why webmasters emphasize a lot in website load time as long website load time is always frustrating. As a web owner, the last thing you want to have is frustrated visitors as it leaves bad reputation for your website and reduces your website creditability.

Generally, people are impatient. Imagine if your website takes forever to load, there is a huge chance that your prospects will just give up and go elsewhere. Worse still if you are selling stuffs on your website, your prospects might just leave and shop else where.

Increase advertising costs

It’s no secret that slow load time will affect your keyword quality score in Google Adwords.

As lower keyword quality score will increase your pay per click cost with Adwords, slow site response time is actually costing your more as you’ll need to bid higher for the Adwords traffics.

Increase hosting costs

Assuming your slow load times are due to excessive file sizes and not other server constraints, you might be paying extra for your hosting cost. Some hosting companies charge their clients based on the amount of bandwidth used – thus extra bandwidth usage equals to extra cost.

Nowadays, many web hosts offer hosting packages where a significant amount of bandwidth usage is included, resulting in a single flat monthly or annual rate. If your hosting provider does put a limit on usage and you are using beyond the allocated max, you could be paying a fair bit in overage charges. If you fall into this category, optimizing your files to reduce bandwidth usages could save you a considerable amount of cash.

In a quick view, here are some of the hosting plans I’ve been testing.

Web HostingDisk Storage BandwidthPrice Free domain?
1-and-1250 GB2,500 GB$9.99Yes
HostRocket1,000 GBUnlimited$5.95Yes
Web Hosting Pad UnlimitedUnlimited$3.96Yes
Dot 5 Hosting UnlimitedUnlimited$3.95Yes
iPower1,500 GB15,000 GB$7.95Yes
Fat Cow 1,500 GB15,000 GB$7.33No
Pow WebUnlimitedUnlimited$3.88Yes
AN Hosting 500 GB5,000 GB$6.95Yes
IX HostingUnlimitedUnlimited$12.95Yes

Do note that I don’t encourage every one of these hosting – my personal favorites are LunarPages, Hostgator, Fat Cow, and BlueHost but it’s up to you on which service to go with. In case there are doubts, you might be interested in reading further on my hosting reviews.